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Girl Fit is happy to help provide well rounded support to athletes for all of the mental, physical, and emotional demands of sports and recovering from injury by working closely with Kelsey Griffith of The Micheli Center.

The goal of mental skills training is to help athletes develop techniques to maximize performance, reach self-determined goals, and build confidence in their fields of play. Mental conditioning helps athletes reach the top of their game and feel confident returning to sport after recovering from injuries. In addition to being physically prepared, it is important that athletes are equipped with the right tools to handle the mental stresses that can come with playing sports or being injured.

Kelsey works with athletes on their mental skills with the goal of helping them achieve optimal sport performance and cope with any injuries they may be experiencing. Topics that may be addressed include: mental toughness, goal setting, stress management, mental imagery, performance consistency, cognitive restructuring, and positive self talk.

Kelsey received her Bachelor of Arts in dance from Muhlenberg College in 2011. After two years in New York City, she decided to pursue her master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology at Springfield College. While at Springfield, Kelsey worked with athletes, teams, and coaches at the NCAA Division III collegiate level. She has also worked with the Massachusetts Olympic Development elite soccer program and Broadway performers. Additionally, she completed a thesis examining the effects of training on the mood states of professional ballet dancers.

Kelsey currently serves as the Performance Enhancement & Rehabilitation Specialist at The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention, an affiliate of Boston Children’s Hospital–Division of Sports Medicine. Having danced all her life, Kelsey has a personal understanding of the demands placed on athletes — mentally, physically and emotionally.

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