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our mission

At Girl Fit Physical Therapy we are dedicated to health, wellness, injury prevention, and high quality physical therapy care. We strive to provide our patients with the tools to stay strong, fit, and achieve their dreams. Through one on one physical therapy, injury prevention, wellness visits, and group fitness classes, Girl Fit Physical Therapy helps girls and women build strength and confidence. We want you to learn how to take care of your own body, to understand why injuries occur, to learn how to prevent them, and to empower you to feel confident in staying strong and healthy.


Our team of physical therapists specialize in treating female athletes. Our therapists have all earned Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from some of the top physical therapy schools in the nation and are dedicated to evidence based medicine and individualized care. Our team works together to treat the whole patient and to empower our patients to become knowledgeable and independent in their health and wellness.

knowledgeable. passionate. dedicated.


physical therapy

Girl Fit Physical Therapy provides one on one physical therapy care. Physical therapy evaluation and treatments will address strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, pain, posture, and more.


If you are injury free or have been discharged from physical therapy, but would like to be proactive in your health, wellness, and injury prevention then our wellness services are the right choice for you!


Our group classes are designed to provide a fun and social way to continue to build on the strength, flexibility, and improved movement you gained during physical therapy (or to prevent injuries in the first place!).

  • mary
    “A Safe Haven For Girls”
    You and Girl Fit are a safe haven for my daughter. It's a place she sees herself recovering and getting stronger as well as being a place for her long term. I don't know what we would do if Girl Fit hadn't come along. A place for fitness and physical therapy for girls all under the same roof?! -Genius! She loves the environment at Girl Fit. You guys are a nice balance and distraction from the high school social scene that can sometimes be exhausting for girls. Never under estimate the impact you have on young girls! We are so grateful for you!
    Girl Fit Mom
  • Margot
    "Welcoming, Empowering, and Upbeat"
    Girl Fit PT is by far the best place I've ever been for PT and is staffed by the most phenomenal physical therapists. The entire staff is committed to figuring out the best way to tailor plans to each individual and their goals and sports. I've never met PTs so invested in their patients!! All of the staff bring their passion and enthusiasm to work every day and it's visible in the welcoming, empowering, and upbeat atmosphere at Girl Fit, whether it be a PT session or a class!
    Girl Fit patient
  • Rachel
    "You Have Helped Me To Stay Motivated"
    If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would still be dancing. You have helped me to stay motivated after injuries and have given me so many tools to stay healthy. Thank you for helping me continue to do what I love each day.
    Girl Fit patient
  • "Top Notch Treatment"
    My daughter and I have both received top notch treatment for sports related injuries at Girl Fit. The pts are extremely knowledgeable about the specifics of each sport as well as the challenges of PT at our respective ages.
    Girl Fit Parent
  • "Incredible Philosophy"
    GirlFit is amazing! They have a really incredible philosophy of empowering girls and women to be strong and confident. I came in over the summer for a hip injury and I instantly felt like I was in great hands! The whole team works together so well and everyone is helpful. I was given exercises to do at home that were manageable and paired really nicely with the work I was doing in PT. I am so glad I found GirlFit and highly recommend it to everyone. I will always be grateful to them!
    Girl Fit patient
  • Mina
    "Much More"
    You guys do much more than get people better.
    Girl Fit PT patient
  • Amelia
    "Amazing & Unique"
    This Place is so Amazing & unique! The perfect caring & empowering environment.
    Girl Fit PT Client
  • Nicole
    "Great Environment"
    You have all kept me going when things have been tough. I'm very excited to be in such great hands and in such a great environment. You are all so awesome and colorful and full of smiles. It brightens my day every time I come in!
    Girl Fit PT Client
  • "Not A Coincidence"
    Her gymnastics skills have gotten so much better and I know it's not a coincidence!
    Testimonial Tuesday
  • Georgia
    "So Much Better"
    I feel like I know my body so much better now.
    Girl Fit patient
  • "The Best Experience"
    As one goes through life, it is very likely that at one point in time one will need physical therapy. I have, for sure! I have been to many different physical therapy centers, and have, for the most part, had a good experience. However, Girlfit Physical Therapy center is BY FAR the best experience I have had when it comes to helping me overcome one of those relevant challenges. Their level of expertise, active listening, empathy, overall patient/customer focus, is second to none. The expert team of Therapists in this Center is one that is committed with the end result, takes nothing for granted and really delivers enormous value to anyone lucky enough to become their patient.
    Girl Fit Patient

What Our Patients Are Saying