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Wellness Visit

Wellness Visits are 45 minute one on one visits with a physical therapist designed to provide the expertise of a physical therapist to clients who do not have a current injury, who have been discharged from physical therapy, and/or who would like to stay proactive in their health, wellness, and injury prevention.

Wellness visits can be utilized as check ins with a physical therapist to monitor strength, flexibility, body mechanics, or other impairments, to provide maintenance manual work (including dry needling, Graston Technique, or cupping), or to progress your home, gym, or Stay Fit membership exercise program. Health insurance companies do not typically pay for maintenance and injury prevention services.

Running Gait Analysis Visit

A running gait analysis is a detailed evaluation and video analysis of an individual’s running form, as well as functional strength, mobility, and movement patterns. This program is beneficial for new and seasoned athletes of all ages and experience levels, whether running is either the athlete’s main sport or part of the sport. It is always a good time to get your running form and functional strength/mobility tested; however, the most ideal time is before any type of training starts. Your physical therapist will address your findings by creating an individualized plan for you to start targeting the areas you need to work on, as well as ways to address form corrections that may improve your efficiency. Form corrections can include anything from foot strike patterns, overpronation, lower extremity landing mechanics, posture, cadence, stride length, and more!

Running Coaching

Running coaching is a way for recreational (and professional!) runners to work one-on-one with a coach who will help them maximize their potential while minimizing the risk of injury and burnout. Running coaches will create a training plan to help you reach your running goals, will track your progress, and will help keep you motivated and accountable during your training. Running coaches can also help to answer any questions you may have about running and training – from questions about running form, strength training, cross training, nutrition, hydration, to mental skills and more.

At your first session with your running coach, you can expect to answer questions about your running goals and your running background. Your coach will then create a custom training plan tailored specifically to you. This plan will be subject to change as you progress through your training, based on how you are doing and feeling. In subsequent sessions, your coach will review your training log and will check in to see how things are going, and will be able to answer any questions you may have. Your coach will also be available to answer any questions over email between sessions. Most of all, your coach will be your biggest cheerleader throughout the entire process!