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Our Mission

Throughout Girl Fit founder Kate Hamilton’s career as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she has worked in many different settings, including a children’s hospital, an outpatient orthopedic and sports clinic, backstage on a Broadway show, at a summer camp, and at international figure skating competitions with the US Figure Skating medical team. No matter the setting, and no matter the patient population, physical therapy was always a healing and learning experience for the patients.

However, she began to see a few gaps in the physical therapy experience for some populations.

  1. Getting people better is not the end of the story.
    We need to teach people how to stay better. To do that they need to understand why they got hurt, and how to prevent a recurrence. Education is so important. It isn’t what we can do for you, but what we can teach you to do for yourself.
  2. We can create the world’s best home exercise program, but sometimes it is hard to stay motivated at home.
    There has to be a better way to provide continuity of care, and to help our patients stay motivated, excited, and to have fun with staying strong, healthy, and injury free.
  3. Girls’ and women’s bodies are different. And furthermore, EVERY body is different.
  4. Everyone needs a place where they can feel comfortable, safe, and special.

Kate wanted a place where we could make these things happen for girls and women. So in a cozy, beautiful space with original art on the walls instead of medical posters, empowering books on the shelves instead of gossip magazines, fun music playing in the background, a positive upbeat atmosphere, and a team of brilliant minds, strong hands, and caring hearts, Girl Fit Physical Therapy was born.

At Girl Fit we are dedicated to health, wellness, injury prevention, and providing girls with the tools to stay strong, fit, and achieve their dreams. Through one on one physical therapy, injury prevention, and group fitness classes, Girl Fit Physical Therapy helps girls build their strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. We want you to learn how to take care of your own body, to understand why injuries occur and how to prevent them, and to empower you to feel confident in staying strong, healthy, and enjoying the activities you love.